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About us

    Hangfeng cooling was founded in 2004, focusing on Industrial and Civil Cooling Tower R & D, design, manufacture and installation. The main products are mechanical ventilation counter-current, cross-flow, open, closed, fog and other full-series cooling towers. The all-glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Cooling Tower is the forerunner and promoter of the domestic market. At present, whether it is performance, quality or cost control are in the absolute leading position in the industry.
Hang Fung Cooling is a CTI member unit, it needs to receive CTI headquarters of the United States to the domestic professional test engineers to test the performance of products. At the same time with the European Union CE certification. The technical R & D and Design Department of the company is located in Wujin District, Changzhou, covers engineering thermodynamics (process) , water supply and drainage science and Engineering, construction engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, electrical engineering, materials science and engineering. With strong R & D and design capabilities, while ensuring the implementation of the project with the owners, demand and Design Institute for a good interface.